Easynews Review

Peter Nordström

Updated: Apr 2, 2021


Easynews is a unique service that provides complete Usenet access via an impressive Web-based interface and also by regular Usenet clients such as SABnzbd. By removing the need for desktop clients, while providing unlimited speed and fine-tuned search results, it really makes things simple. It includes an outstanding array of features, fast and accurate search results, reliable and high retention, and can be accessed from any web browser on any device, mobile or PC. A provider recommended for beginners and advanced users alike, just watch the data caps.

Price Monthly
Free trial
14 Days / 50 GB
4613 Days
Simple Web App
Zero config setup
File Previews
Credit card, Paypal


Easynews’s features make them one of the most innovative Usenet providers out there. It provides the ability of searching, viewing, and downloading files, all inside the browser. However, it does not mean that you can’t use a newsreader client, as that’s also supported, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t explore the features of the Easynews browser client. You can also choose to access Easynews on your phone using the provided mobile app for the service. Before downloading, please pay attention to the data limit of your ISP provider.

Easynews also provides support for an advanced binary file download tool: SABnzbd. Easy to use tutorials for setting up Easynews access in the SABnzbd software can be found on the Easynews support page.

Easynews Browser Client

The browser client provides a set of advanced tools that enable very fine search control to narrow down results. These include setting default file types for downloads, sorting, setting default retention and even includes spam filters to handle spam newsgroup posts.

The interface really makes the service stand out. After logging into your account, you will see the default “Article Search” area. Enter a search query, and then use some simple radio buttons to select the type of file you want to find. The default setting will show “All” results, but you can filter options such as video, image, audio, etc.

During tests, we found that Easynews provides impressive search results in terms of accuracy and speed. File previews accompany each result, which helps to pick out files to grab.
There is a powerful “Advanced Search” that includes the most complete search filter function we have seen in any Usenet search interface. As with basic search, you only need to enter a keyword and enter the options you’d like to filter by.

Browser Client Features


It’s well known that the most important function of Usenet server is retention. This is the storage time for Usenet binary files and text before the provider deletes them. The retention for Easynews is up there with the best of them, with more than 4,430 days or around 12 years.
Therefore, content uploaded to Usenet servers in 2009 can still be found through Easynews. Although it’s not all Usenet (the service started in 1980, and older data can be found in the archive service and Google Groups), it contains a lot of uploaded files, pictures, messages and more.
Easynews aims to provide class leading retention levels and improves its server capacity regularly to enable content that is over 12 years old is still available to users.


With unlimited download speeds, 60 connections, and over 12 years of Usenet to explore, it’s not surprising that Easynews’ performance is also excellent.

We tested Easynews with a connection confirmed to be 74.35Mbps (using Ookla’s Speedtest) and browsed the website to find a 3GB file hosted on Usenet. Downloading the file using the Easynews browser interface maxed out our connection. However, using a third-party client such as SABnzbd to test performance is not so impressive. The answer in our opinion is to avoid using third party Usenet clients and stick with the web browser client. With the browser there’s no need to enter all your details like you do in typical Usenet clients either, you can just start downloading right away. The simplicity of accessing Usenet files via the Easynews browser client should avoid the need to use a dedicated Usenet client at all.

Pricing options

Considering the level of retention offered and the advanced feature of the browser client Easynews is not the cheapest Usenet server.

The monthly cost of the basic plan is $9.98, 20GB/month, unlimited speed, full retention and 60 connections. Unused data is transferred over to the next month if unused.

At the next level is the Plus plan which comes in at $14.97. This provides 40GB/month, unlimited speed, 4430 days retention, and 60 connections. As with basic, unused data is carried over.

For premium users, the Big Gig plan starting at $9.99/month (3 months) then raising to $29.94 comes with 150GB/month, unlimited speeds, full retention time, 60 connections and a access to their no-log VPN service.

All package tiers can be used for a 14-day trial period with a limit of 50GB.

Security & Privacy

The nature of Easynews means that security and privacy are enabled by default. As is standard with Usenet services, optional SSL is provided for encrypted connections. However, through Easynews, every interaction with the website, member area, and search and download tools is encrypted.
Since the service can be used through a browser, the encryption is performed through HTTPS. From online banking to online shopping, this is the same method used to securely access other sites.

However, Easynews does not have anonymous registatrions. Payments are limited to Paypal and major cards, unfortunately no cryptocurrency options are available as of writing.

Final Thoughts

With awesome newbie friendly features in the browser client and numerus advanced features for experienced Usenet users, Easynews is a provider worth considering for all skill levels. All membership types have more than 12 years retention and amazing speed. Unfortunately, download limits are on the low side, but comprehensive features offered by the browser client make this provider hard to beat on feature alone.

In some respects, comparing Easynews with other providers isn’t fair as many alternatives simply give you server details and you have to take care of everything else yourself, such as searching and downloading. Easynews, unlike the competition, comes across more as a complete service, giving you everything you need to get started with Usenet.