Eweka Review

Peter Nordstrom

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


While many Usenet providers offer a variety of options, some come at a price. It’s nearly impossible to find a provider that ticks every box, but they’re always happy to take your money. If you are looking to avoid poor service or slow speeds, Eweka has the legacy to back up their claims.

9.60 7.00
Free trial
7 Days / Unlimited
4607 Days
Free Reader
Long Retention
Credit card, iDEAL, Paypal, SMS, Mistercash, Bank transfer, Giropay


Every single plan provides a 256-bit SSL connection, as well as unlimited access. Recent changes mean Eweka upgraded from 20 connections to 50 connections, in addition to unlimited download speeds. Any user will have the capability of maxing out the bandwidth speeds of their ISP from a Usenet archive of 4,500 days or more.

It’s important to choose the package that best fits your requirements, as some features come with limitations depending on the plan chosen. Before you hop on the bandwagon, take some time to scrutinize the features of each plan compared to your needs. Eweka does offer a variety of payment cycles and methods, ranging from monthly, to quarterly, or even annually, thanks to their subscription packages.

Feature Summary

Free Newsreader

While you can use several other newsreader apps, NewsLazer is Eweka’s inhouse software and recommended for beginners. You also have the option to incorporate a backup Usenet provider, however, the app won’t work without the proper NewsLazer login details. If you run into an issue, Eweka offers assistance around the clock with 24/7 professional support. With agents fluent in a wide range of languages, you can get the assistance you need in English, French, German, and even Dutch. This support is in addition to a rather detailed FAQ section, and service page hosted on their official website.


Most Usenet providers only offer newsgroup data from the past five or six years. For a complete Usenet experience, though, retention plays an important role. Eweka reaches further into the past with two decades worth of binary uploads and text discussions. In fact, they offer a retention of 4,532 days, or more than 12 years of activity. They also work hard to stay on top of daily growth, by increasing additional storage on a regular basis, in order to prevent articles from expiring from Eweka servers.

Basically, this means that text conversations from 2008 can still be viewed and downloaded. Files that have been posted since then may also be downloaded on demand. Eweka features one of the largest Usenet data archives on the market, with incredible volumes of data.


Eweka takes it a step further, by offering guaranteed download speeds in two plans. Their first tier provides 50 Mbps, in addition to a second tier with 100 Mbps. Unlike most other providers, these speeds outperform most other plans within the same category. You also receive up to 50 connections with a subscription plan, an upgrade from the previous 20 connections. Pre-paid plans, however, provide a 20-connection limitation (which is more than most people need). It’s important to note that an increase of connections does not equal faster speeds, so choose carefully.

Pricing options

When it comes to choosing your price, Eweka offers packages in the form of pre-payment, and subscription. Choose from one month, to six, or even annual deals without the stress of a contract. Users are free utilize a variety of payment options, and may even cancel their service at any time. Whether you prefer PayPal, bank transfer, Giropay, or a credit card, Eweka makes paying simple. Even residents of Netherlands may utilize a full day of access through an SMS text message.

Eweka’s standard pre-paid package includes 200Mbps downloads and 20 simultaneous connects, starting at $8.82/month (roughly €7.50 or £6.77). This gives you SSL and a full 4,500+ days of retention. Their high speed pre-paid option runs at about $11.29/month (about €9.60 or £8.67). A high speed option means you will receive 300Mbps downloads and 20 simultaneous connects – with full retention and SSL.

By offering unlimited download speeds, high retention rates, and unbeatable completion rates, Eweka’s subscription packages are of the best value. Their standard annual subscription starts at $8.23/month (€7.00 or £6.32). This features unlimited downloads, unlimited download speeds, 50 simultaneous connections, full retention, and SSL. If you’re unsure whether an unlimited subscription package is the best option for your needs, it comes with a 7-day free trial.

Security & Privacy

Eweka ensures encrypted and trusted connections for the safe, and secure download, and upload of data. This practice follows the standard of most Usenet providers, who offer 256-bit SSL connections to their servers through newsreader apps. Some limitations with Eweka’s privacy options include the inability to pay with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Aside from this privacy constraint, Eweka does not monitor the logging activity, or downloads of any of their users. In fact, when someone signs up for their services, they are only required to supply a country and email address. Some logging information is stored, including access to accounts, and package metering. If you are interested in learning more about their privacy policy, it is clearly stated on their official website, including an explanation of their full GDPR adherence.

Final Thoughts

After thorough examination, Newshosting more than lives up to its reputation as the top Usenet provider. It delivers a premium experience at a competitive price and sets the standard for the industry. Newshosting’s Download speed and performance are exceptional, their dedication to privacy and security is admirable, and their retention is the best on the market.

If you’re new to Usenet, Newshosting is great place to start. If you’re a Usenet expert looking to make a switch, Newshosting offers everything you need as an unlimited Usenet provider. Newshosting delivers across the board and comes highly recommended for good reason.