Newshosting Review

Peter Nordstrom

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


Newshosting has been a personal favourite of ours for years and is currently our top ranked Usenet provider. They have unlimited download, the fast uncapped speeds and top support. They’ve been the leaders in Usenet access for over 2 decades and have the longest retention so you can grab the oldest articles. Throw in a free premium newsreader with built-in search and a free zero-log VPN service and you have a Usenet provider that is hard to beat on ease of use, quality and value.

$12.95 $8.33
Free trial
14 Days / 30 GB
4602 Days
Free Reader
Free VPN
Best Retention
Credit card

Free Trial

Newshosting offers a 14 day free trial with all plans. This includes up to 30 GB of high-speed downloads (i.e. speeds are not capped) from any of their server farms plus access to all retention. If you decide that Newshosting is not right for you, cancel any time before 14 days or 30 gigs of transfer and you will not be charged for the plan you chose during registration. It’s straightforward to cancel and for 30 gigs of free transfer, it’s definitely worth a try.

Feature Summary

Free Newsreader

The included Newshosting Newsreader is a fully-featured usenet client available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All Newshosting users, no matter what plan level, including free trial users, can get a free copy of the Newsreader.

The interface is intuitive, and also includes lots of bells and whistles available for those looking for a hands-on Usenet experience. Just start up and search for whatever you want. Notice that we are able to search and filter in various ways such as but not limited to size, name and file type.

Free No-log VPN

Newshosting offers a full featured VPN client for free when you sign up for the yearly Usenet plan or you can pay an additional $4.95 / month if you want to stick with monthly billing.

Instead of having to pay a separate bill for VPN you can save money getting them together. VPN provides many benefits including online privacy protection for all your Internet-enabled devices, it will secure unsecured wifi networks, and gives you the ability to circumvent online censorship and geo-IP blocking.


Newshosting offers by far the best retention rates of any Tier-1 Usenet provider. As of today, they offer 4602 days (and growing) across over 125,000+ groups, both text and binary. When you compare this to providers that only offer a few months of retention, you can really see the difference in the quality of service you’re getting.

In addition to offering the most retention (which we should also note continues to grow), Newshosting provides over 99% article completion. Considering that you’re getting unlimited monthly access, a free newsreader with search and file preview features, and a free VPN with your account, this is easily our top recommended services in terms of overall quality and value.


We maxed out at 50 Mbps during our testing and were able to utilize all available bandwidth despite the bandwidth routing from South America to North America. Please note: download speeds can be affected by intermediary Internet connections.

The discounted Unlimited plan available through UsenetReviewz gives you up to 30 SSL-secured connections, which should be more than enough to maximize your ISP’s bandwidth. Keep in mind that using more connections than is needed could actually slow down your Usenet access speeds (for us, 8 connections was optimal), so you’ll want to be sure to run a few tests with varying number of connections to find the configuration that works best for you.


Newshosting states on their website that “We do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post.” This is about as direct as you can get with a privacy statement. Newshosting also provides 256-bit SSL secured downloading, which is pretty much an industry standard for encryption and common among Usenet providers. Where Newshosting really stands out, though, is providing a free Zero-Log VPN service for additional privacy.

Final Thoughts

After thorough examination, Newshosting more than lives up to its reputation as the top Usenet provider. It delivers a premium experience at a competitive price and sets the standard for the industry. Newshosting’s Download speed and performance are exceptional, their dedication to privacy and security is admirable, and their retention is the best on the market.

If you’re new to Usenet, Newshosting is great place to start. If you’re a Usenet expert looking to make a switch, Newshosting offers everything you need as an unlimited Usenet provider. Newshosting delivers across the board and comes highly recommended for good reason.