UsenetServer Review

Peter Nordstrom

Updated: Apr 3, 2021


Not only has UsenetServer got one of the highest retention levels, customers can download an unlimited amount of data and search Usenet with the ‘Global Search’ feature. You can access files that have been retained for over 12 years at ultra-fast speeds. Even though the multiple connections available are limited to 20, it’s still very good value for the low price of the service. And don’t forget, you can receive PrivadoVPN for free with your 12-month subscription plan at UsenetServer. 

$10.00 $7.95
Free trial
14 Days / 10 GB
4614 Days
Global File Search
Free No-log VPN
Cheap Unlimited
Credit card, Paypal


UsenetServer allows customers to take advantage of many wonderful features on its platform. In addition to SSL connectivity and improved retention, customers can execute unlimited downloads and unlimited searches using the ‘Global Search’ feature.

Numerous concurrent connections are available with every Usenet plan, according to UsenetServer. There is no mention of the specific number of simultaneous connections offered with each plan. But they do mention that users will receive 20 secure concurrent connections and unlimited data access after they sign up. A feature called “Global Search 2.0” allows you to access NZB files and optimised binaries at lightning speed. That alone is an incentive for most people to sign up. 

Users who sign up for a 12-month subscription rather than a monthly subscription will receive a discount on the service. UsenetServer certainly does have low and competitive prices on its Usenet access plans. Customers have the option to pay extra for a zero-log VPN and 35 more connections. If you still have any hesitation about whether to purchase the service, you can test it out with the 14-day free trial available to new customers.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to configure or use your Usenet service because it’ll give you access to very helpful tutorials and FAQ sections. But if you still have problems not addressed in these sections, you can submit a customer support ticket for further assistance.

Free VPN Service

A zero log VPN is offered as an additional encryption standard to UsenetServer customers. For example, when you purchase a 12-month subscription plan for UsenetServer, you will receive a PrivadoVPN account as part of the package. PrivadoVPN will basically disguise your activities on the internet and keep them private. It is an essential service if you’re using public internet connections at airports, cafes, gyms, etc.

Another benefit of VPN is that it prevents your internet service provider from managing how much traffic you receive. So if you have an ISP that limits your internet connection speeds based on the amount of activity you perform, you will benefit immensely from a VPN. It’ll let you discretely download Usenet data at consistently high speeds. That is why most users will love PrivadoVPN and what it can do for them.


Usenet services started way back in 1985. You can still find much of the classic Usenet data and online archives today. Usenet customers care a lot about data retention and want the Usenet archive to last for a long time. However, the average Usenet service provider cannot provide more than 35 years worth of data to its customers. You might find up to 10 years of data offered but no more than that.

As for UsenetServer, it offers 4,427 days’ worth of retention to its customers. That means you can access text and binaries uploaded more than 12 years ago. Part of this massive retention includes more than 110,000 global discussion groups. Over 99% of the discussion data is complete as well.

If a Usenet binary or article post was made anywhere during the last 12 years, then you should be able to access it as a UsenetServer customer. It is the best retention you will find compared to other Usenet services.


UsenetServer maintains connections with approximately 800 high-speed broadband access providers, including several Tier-1 bandwidth providers. Tier-1 bandwidth is supposed to provide super-fast download speeds compared to traditional broadband.

The Global Search system lets you access text newsgroups and media files that have been retained for more than 12 years. And since unlimited data transfer is included, you won’t see download limitations placed on your account from downloading too many files.

UsenetServer customers are limited to 20 concurrent SSL connections. However, the price of a 12-month subscription plan with these connections is over 75% cheaper when compared to the cost of 12-month subscription plans offered elsewhere. 

The search feature maintains consistently high speed, uptime, and retention. When testing its 75Mbps connection, we were able to download a two-year-old 2.2GB binary in less than four minutes. 

Pricing options

UsenetServer offers three subscription options to customers. Each option comes with the same features and benefits. The only difference pertains to the price and term of the subscription.

For example, a one-month subscription will cost you €12.85 (converts to £11.75 or $14.95). If you choose the three-month subscription, it will cost you €7.69 (converts to £7.00 or $8.95).

The most cost-effective option is the 12-month subscription plan at €82.00 (converts to £64.36 or $95.40). You will save 60% compared to the monthly subscription option (if you were to use it for 12 months). That is why 78% of UsenetServer customers choose the 12-month subscription option. They want to take advantage of the savings and the additional benefits included, such as 35 different connections and the PrivadoVPN feature.

The subscription payment options available are PayPal and credit card only. As of now, they do not allow Bitcoin payments yet.

Security & Privacy

UsenetServer provides a 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption connection to its servers. SSL means “Secure Socket Layer,” which is the encryption standard for most secure website servers on the internet. SSL also includes Transport Layer Security (or TLS) for additional support. If you see a website address that starts with “HTTPS,” then it uses SSL & TLS to improve its security.

Email servers and newsgroups prefer to use SSL/TLS rather than the NNTPS connection for all private connections. Your newsreader lets you enable the SSL connection option and specify the SSL ports in the user settings menu.

Final Thoughts

UsenetServer gives its customers the most benefits possible for searching and downloading from Usenet servers. You can access binaries and text newsgroups that have been retained for over 12 years at ultra-fast speeds. Even though the multiple connections available are limited to 20, you can still enjoy a reasonably low price for the service.

You might find other service providers with a cheaper option than the 12-month subscription offered at UsenetServer. But its high retention level is worth paying a little extra money if you care about high retention at all. And don’t forget, you can receive PrivadoVPN for free with your 12-month subscription plan at UsenetServer. It gives you the extra 35 connections too.